Use either the 'm/z screener' which searches against our hormonomics datasets or select the 'Custom Database Search' to upload your own dataset use our platform to perform your own custom queries of your untargeted metabolomics data. View your output results in the tab next to the tool you used then download your results as a .csv file.

Database Descriptions:

PGR Monoisotopic and M+H: Only the monoisotopic mass and M+H adduct for the plant growth regulators in ESI+ mode.

PGR Adducts: Common adducts of plant growth regulators in ESI+ mode.

PGR Biotransformations: Common predicted biotransformations of plant growth regulators in ESI+ mode.

PGR Adduct and Biotransformations: Both adducts and predicted biotransformations for plant growth regulators in ESI+ mode.

Code Availability

All source code and files are available at

Terms and Agreements

HormonomicsDB was developed for research use only and is not intended for use in diagnostic work. Despite diligent validation and bug fixing, we are not responsible for any mistakes the application makes in data processing. Considering this, please inform us immediately of any bugs that you encounter.

We do not save any data that is uploaded to the server, it is immediately deleted with every new session that you start.

Please cite Giebelhaus et al. ( when using HormonomicsDB in any work.


Select which datasets to search from then select a search tolerance and then upload your formatted data as a .csv and allow up to 3 minutes to perform the search. After this is completed select how you want your data ordered and view it in the 'Screener Output' tab.

Note, 'ionization mode' only works for M+H and M-H adducts, as well as synthetic biotransformations at the moment.

Download Results


Upload your custom dataset to search from then upload your experimental data and allow the tool to run, please allow up to 3 minuites to run. Then view your results and download as a .csv

Download Results